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No Openings Available at this time....


Sorry, there is no openings at this time. We are at the mercy of the State and Feds at this time, not sure that we will continue to be able to grow for others in the future. We all need to write our congress Men and fight this injustice on the Medical Community. I will keep you posted of our status. Thanks


We have grown Medicinal Grade Marijuana for 15 years, 9 of which are here in Eastern Oregon. We are also patients ourselves and take great pride in the product we grow. Our goal is to provide high quality Cannabis to help improve your quality of Life and Happiness.


Products Available for Our Clients

Several popular Kush's... Purple, Sweet Island and Pineapple. We grow both Indica and Sativa strains including Willie Nelson, Jack Herer, Critical, Baked Potato and more.....New strains every year.....What's your favorite?

Welcome to

Thank you for showing interest and visiting our site. We have always believed in the medicinal properties of Marijuana.

Cannabis and Hemp products have hundereds of uses that are benefical to us all. We are just starting to really see some positive acceptance of it's full potential and many possibilities. We need to keep moving forward with this plant and the benifits.

Must be 21 years of age and a current Oregon Medical Marijuana Card Holder



Last Updated: 11-07-2017